The “Scanner logs” table should have the next columns:

  1. “Page” – the name of the page where the demanding attention element is located (Image 4). By the click on the “Name of the page” the dedicated page should show up.

Image 4

2. “Affected nodes” column – show the number of blocks with the demanding attention element located on that page (Image 5).

Image 5

3. The “Used toolbar options” column should show the name of the functionality that was active at the scanning moment (Image.6)


4. The “Time of scan” column should show the time when the scanning was finished at the last time (Image 7). 

Image 7

5. The “Data” column should open the pop-up window with detailed information by the click on the “Show data” button (Image 8).

Image 8

6. The  “Type” column should show up the type of demanding attention element (Image 9).

Image 9