The “Add site” page with the following items should open by clicking the “Add site” button at the “Dashboard” page .  The WP administrator/WP manager with administrator permission should get into the text field for adding the URL of the WordPress site (Image 1).

Image 1

The WP administrator/WP manager with administrator permission should pick up the preferable language from the drop-down menu (Image 2).

Image 2

The plugin should be added to the site after the click to the “Add Site” button (Image 3).

Image 3

All sites that were downloaded from that account with all necessary information should be shown into the “Dashboard” page (Image 4).

Image 4

1.2.1 How to install the “Purple Lens” plugin and activate it on site using a WordPress administrator panel

To download the plugin from sign up for Purple Lense as a user. Do not forget to select the role (Agency, Site owner and etc). Log into your account and go to “Add website”, add your WordPress site’s URL and choose its default language. Click on the select button (looks like an arrow) in the “Action” column and get the list of available actions. Find and click “Get Plugin” to download the tool your local PC.

Note: The download process will start automatically

Install the plugin on your WordPress site:

Sign in to your site’s administrator dashboard and choose “Plugins” → “Add new” → “Upload Plugin”

Select the local folder where the ZIP–archive “Purple Lens” is stored and click the button “Install now”

You will receive a “Plugin installed successfully” notification. Please click on Activate Plugin and move to the next step!

Toggle on the plugin

Switch back to to generate an API key for the installed plugin: move to “Dashboard” → click on the select button (looks like an arrow) in the “Active” column → click on “Get API key”.

Copy the unique API key.

Switch back to your site’s administrator panel: select “Plugins” → find the “Purple Lens” plugin. Click “Settings”. Mark the “Allow Purple Lens” checkbox. Paste the copied API key and click on “Connect to Purple Lens”. Click “Save changes”. Click “Generate Purple Lens”.

“Purple Lens successfully installed” notification received? Congratulations! You have done all perfectly! From this moment your website’s visitors are able to use Purple Lens.

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