The Developer Tools can be used to look at the hard code of your website. What is the code that makes up your website and allows it to be formatted the way it is? You can see all of this through the Developer Tool. By using the Developer tool to find specific elements in your website, you can more easily change each element to make it more accessible to every user.

1. To Open the Developer tools:

  • If you are on Mac in Safari:
  • If you are on Windows:
    • You can either click the F12 key, or manually look into the upper right section of your browser and click the Setting button (Image 1). A menu will open up. If you are in Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, click the “More tools” option, and then the “Developer tools” option. If you are in Firefox, click the “Web Developer”, and then the “Inspector” options.
Image 1

2. Once Developer Tools are Open:

  • Go to the elements panel (Image 2)
Image 2
  • Click on a specific element of your website by clicking the “Select element to inspect” button, which is usually in the upper left corner of the developer tool window (Image 3).
Image 3