1. Click image purple to open the layer.

1. Click image purple to open the layer.

2. After click the icon layer appear for search products layer will come with filter

3. Users search the product in the search bar and a list of products will come in search results.

4. User can use tab key also in layer to visit each html element on layer and when it visits sound will be heard through purple tool.each product page access by enter on product tile.

5. In search results for every product tile you click, it will redirect to the product page where product information will appear.

6. Add to cart button on homepage and product page add item into cart and you can view cart button redirect to cart on same layer

7. Proceed to checkout button on the cart page will redirect you to the shopify checkout page with cart details. 

8. There is a filter on the left side to help you to filter the products section with price range and by product vendors.

9. There is one purple tool on the left side that will help people with all disabilities to hear sound with each html element moved with a tab. So they can hear the sound and proceed. You need to click on text reader and sound will be reflected in your headphone.